MI2020 Meeting Notes – March 2018

Present:  Rich S, Charles P, Kristin Y, Liz A, Jennifer K, Scott M, Matt A, Pat P
Planned Absences: Cathy P, Bill L, Maryellen O, Carolyn M, Anil K
We approved changes made by Rich S to the aamarin.org website, which focus significantly on providing information and encouragement to the still suffering alcoholic.  Up to date meeting information is also provided and it will go public soon. Matt, Charles and Rich will continue to develop the site with multiple interactive pages to be included.
Liz A provided information about three affordable, east central San Rafael spaces with ample parking available this month.  She is keeping an ongoing record for documentation when needed.
It was agreed that MI 202O Working Groups will get together at the Aroma Cafe to do research and planning in between the monthly 1st Monday meetings.  If you would like to participate in this process contact Pat P.
Other planning regarding preparation for becoming a non-profit was shared by members who attended the Cal Non-profit webinar last week.
Next meeting:  Mon. April 2nd 7-8:00 Alano Club