MI2020 Meeting Notes – April 2018

Marin Intergroup 2020 Notes
Meeting of April 2, 2018
Serenity Prayer
Present:  Jennifer K, Charles P, Pat P
Planned Absences: Liz A, Kristin Y, Bill L, Rich S.
Old Business:
Reserving Name
We have successfully reserved the name Marin Intergroup as approved at the last meeting.  It is reserved until 5/18/18, after which time it likely will still be available.  Cost was $10.00
Working Groups of MI 2020
People met together on 3 occasions since the last meeting:  3/14, 3/21 and 3/29. Rather than planning on specific times to work together, we will arrange times & places as needed. Ideas developed during the month will be carried over for approval at the May meeting, since so few people were present.
Properties available to lease for a Fellowship Hall this month
Liz A researched possible sites in Greenbrae/Larkspur, Terra Linda/San Rafael and Corte Madera.
New Business:
aamarin.org posted on area website
Charles suggested we check with Area 06 to see if our website could be posted in their website in order to make Marin info  more available to the enquiring area AA members
A Tribute Page on our website
Charles suggested we create a Tribute page to previous supporters of Marin Intergroup 2020 who have passed on; e.g. Harriet Kirkland, Tom Roughley
District 10 page on the website
Pat asked if it is time to offer District 10 a page on aamarin.org for posting any district business or announcements.  Links to Service Committees could be included.
MI 2020 at Unity Day
We are considering to what extent MI 2020 might appropriately offer information about the proposed Intergroup at Unity Day; e.g. a narrated power-point presentation.
Founding Member Banner
Jennifer shared an idea for a fabric banner to take to groups which would allow them to easily see which groups are already supporting a Marin Intergroup, and also entice Groups to step forward to become involved as Founding Members.
Website Business Cards
Pat shared wonderful business cards, from the East Bay Intergroup, which provide the website address and say only:  “If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop, that’s ours.”
7th Tradition
Previous Balance:  $57.00 Donations:  $10.00 New Balance:  $67.00
Responsibility Statement
I am responsible.  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there.  And for that I am responsible!