MI2020 Meeting Notes – June 2018


We had an exciting and important meeting last Monday!  Some excellent decisions were made to guide this movement toward a possible Marin Fellowship Intergroup by 2020.
Present:  Rich S. Charles P, Cathy P, Scott M, Bill L, Tom B, Rosie C, Jon O, Shurray M, Pat P
Planned Absences:  Jennifer K, Kristin Y, Maryellen O
  • aamarin.org has become an excellent source for Marin already.  Be sure to refer people to it for info about MI 2020 or Marin AA.
  • The paper-work for creating a non-profit corporation is almost completed.  We will have it ready to send in, if Marin Groups decide they want this Intergroup.
  • We had considered hosting ice cream socials in parks this summer to inform members about MI 2020.  However, we decided that it is better just to go ahead and complete the Proposal and begin presenting to Group Steering Committees in July.
  • The focus will be a five minute sharing; a clear plan, with some history, but mostly an emphasis on the benefits for Marin AA and the developmental phases.  We will also be presenting at Unity Day October 20th.
  • I am pleased to share that Quitting Time has become the first group to commit to MI 2020; ie. to support our growing effort to communicate with the Marin fellowship!
  • If you are interested in all this (I think it’s very exciting myself!) see if you can come to the July 2nd meeting at the Alano Club at 7:00.  Even if you can’t make that, this is a good time to see if your home group Steering Committee would like to have a brief presentation.

In service to Marin Fellowship with you,

Pat P for MI 2020