Meeting of September 3, 2018 7:00PM

Present: Charles P, Cathy P, Scott M, Rich S, Jennifer K, Rosie C, Shurray M, Carolyn M, Pat P
Planned absences: Bill L, Tom B, Kristin Y

Website – Rich Many hits; posting all events; now have emails: [email protected].
Can finally receive donations for MI 2020 on the website through PayPal; we’ve added a notice that groups joining MI 2020 can still support Intercounty Intergroup financially if desired. GSO Intergroup Guidelines are now available as a pdf on the website.

Presentations – Rosie Ten presentations to groups completed; 8 more scheduled. To have a presentation of the Marin Intergroup Proposal to your steering committee contact aamarin.org

New Business –
Marin Service Committees are under General Service because we don’t have an Intergroup.
When we do have one, both SF and Marin will be self-supporting and right sized.

The MI 2020 table at Unity Day will provide lots of info and also schedule Presentations for groups. Anyone who would like to help with creating our Marin Intergroup, contact [email protected]

7th Tradition –
Donations: $28.00 New Balance: $304.00

Respectfully submitted,
Pat P
for Marin Intergroup 2020


Meeting of August 6, 2018
Serenity Prayer
Present:  Cathy P; Charles P; Scott M; Rich S; Jennifer K; Bill L; Tom B; Rosie C; Pat P
Planned Absences:  Mary Lou, Maryelle, Liz, Kristen, Anil
Proposals for Marin Fellowship Intergroup to Steering Committees:
Thank you to Rosie C! She has agreed to handle the scheduling for Proposals to be presented at meetings.  We have realized it is better to have two people share the responsibility at the meetings. Our process has evolved to passing out the Proposal and FAQs; then taking turns reading all through both.  Only then do we have Q&A.
At the beginning of the meeting, the presenter should clarify the purpose of the meeting:  it is to decide whether or not the group wants to become a member of MI 2020 and consider also financially donating it as they choose. We schedule a follow-up connection at the end of the presentation.
It was suggested that we also present to Service Committees. e decided that will be approached after we have more experience presenting to regular groups.
At this point four presentations have been made, with the decision pending.  Five others are scheduled for August. We now have seven presenters available.
Rich Smith has been doing a fabulous job on creating and maintaining aamarin.org.  He adds event flyers whenever they are forwarded to him. Currently he is setting up our email address and also a donation link.  He has created a Group Registration Form on the left side of the home page. We are currently averaging about 500 hits a week. The business cards have been very well received.
After much discussion, the group decided to wait until after Unity Day to have the Proposal and FAQs posted on aamarin.org.  At the September meeting we will discuss further whether this is best done via PDF forms, or as a Power Point, or a video.
Any person can use the contact form on the website to request being contacted to schedule a presentation to their group’s steering committee.
A treasurer is now needed for MI 2020.  Charles has done a great job and is ready to turn it over for more specific bookkeeping.  We will ask in September who is available.
Meeting Location:
Pat is researching possible centrally located church halls for our meetings as they grow.  After excellent thorough debate, it was decided that either Corte Madera or San Rafael would be workable for people from all over the county.  The idea is tabled for now, as we focus on contacting groups to inform them of the Proposal.
7th Tradition:  Previous Balance:  $152.00
Donations:  $284.00 New Balance:  $436.00
Respectfully submitted,
Pat P
Marin Intergroup 2020



Hello MI 2020 Supporters!
Last evening we had an exciting and effective planning session.
Shurray M, Rosie C, Bill L, Rich S, Scott M, Cathy P, Kristin Y, Charles P and myself.  (Also, indicating approval prior to the meeting were: Tom B, Maryellen O, Jennifer K, Leroy, Kevin B, and Anil K.)
We approved the revision of the Proposal for a Marin Intergroup which will be presented to Marin Groups and their Steering Committees beginning this month. Yay!
We are also preparing a FAQ sheet and other materials to leave with the groups when we present. The GSO publication “Guide to Central and Intergroup Offices” will be included.
We are ordering business sized cards (similar to those used by the East Bay Intergroup) which will let more people know about the aamarin.org website.
Cathy P is considering how we can make it clear that the Proposal is grounded in the 12 Traditions.
So, when it feels right, ask your home group to host a presentation and let me know the date requested. We will arrange for someone to come and help your steering committee or whole group get a sense for the next steps and the long-range vision for Marin A.A. Two group presentations are already scheduled!
It feels great to be at this point in our work for Marin!

Please reply if you would like to become more involved in this ground-breaking phase of Marin serving the still-suffering alcoholic.

In service with you,
Pat P


MI2020 Meeting Notes – June 2018


We had an exciting and important meeting last Monday!  Some excellent decisions were made to guide this movement toward a possible Marin Fellowship Intergroup by 2020.
Present:  Rich S. Charles P, Cathy P, Scott M, Bill L, Tom B, Rosie C, Jon O, Shurray M, Pat P
Planned Absences:  Jennifer K, Kristin Y, Maryellen O
  • aamarin.org has become an excellent source for Marin already.  Be sure to refer people to it for info about MI 2020 or Marin AA.
  • The paper-work for creating a non-profit corporation is almost completed.  We will have it ready to send in, if Marin Groups decide they want this Intergroup.
  • We had considered hosting ice cream socials in parks this summer to inform members about MI 2020.  However, we decided that it is better just to go ahead and complete the Proposal and begin presenting to Group Steering Committees in July.
  • The focus will be a five minute sharing; a clear plan, with some history, but mostly an emphasis on the benefits for Marin AA and the developmental phases.  We will also be presenting at Unity Day October 20th.
  • I am pleased to share that Quitting Time has become the first group to commit to MI 2020; ie. to support our growing effort to communicate with the Marin fellowship!
  • If you are interested in all this (I think it’s very exciting myself!) see if you can come to the July 2nd meeting at the Alano Club at 7:00.  Even if you can’t make that, this is a good time to see if your home group Steering Committee would like to have a brief presentation.

In service to Marin Fellowship with you,

Pat P for MI 2020

MI2020 Meeting Notes – May 2018

Hello AA members excited about Marin Intergroup 2020!

We had a lively meeting May 7th with lots to discuss:
The aamarin.org website had over 700 hits last month!  Keep spreading the word about it.
We will be adding a page for District 10 announcements and for each Service Committee
Rich is also working on a way for individuals to contribute to the MI 2020 work through the website.
We have decided that the first priority for our Marin Intergroup will be to build fellowship, through monthly meetings at a church or other place and many fun activities.
We’ve created a tree banner for groups to become a part of – as Founding members.  They’ll be added as leaves on the tree. As more and more groups become involved, we will down the road begin to create a Central Office. Until then, MI 2020 Founding groups can still use the SF bookstore and central office as needed.
A committee is drafting the paperwork for becoming a non-profit when Marin AA groups have decided.
This summer we’ll hold ice cream socials in parks around Marin to inform the groups in each area.
More to follow!
In service with you,
Pat P
for MI 2020

MI2020 Meeting Notes – March 2018

Present:  Rich S, Charles P, Kristin Y, Liz A, Jennifer K, Scott M, Matt A, Pat P
Planned Absences: Cathy P, Bill L, Maryellen O, Carolyn M, Anil K
We approved changes made by Rich S to the aamarin.org website, which focus significantly on providing information and encouragement to the still suffering alcoholic.  Up to date meeting information is also provided and it will go public soon. Matt, Charles and Rich will continue to develop the site with multiple interactive pages to be included.
Liz A provided information about three affordable, east central San Rafael spaces with ample parking available this month.  She is keeping an ongoing record for documentation when needed.
It was agreed that MI 202O Working Groups will get together at the Aroma Cafe to do research and planning in between the monthly 1st Monday meetings.  If you would like to participate in this process contact Pat P.
Other planning regarding preparation for becoming a non-profit was shared by members who attended the Cal Non-profit webinar last week.
Next meeting:  Mon. April 2nd 7-8:00 Alano Club


MI2020 Meeting Notes – April 2018

Marin Intergroup 2020 Notes
Meeting of April 2, 2018
Serenity Prayer
Present:  Jennifer K, Charles P, Pat P
Planned Absences: Liz A, Kristin Y, Bill L, Rich S.
Old Business:
Reserving Name
We have successfully reserved the name Marin Intergroup as approved at the last meeting.  It is reserved until 5/18/18, after which time it likely will still be available.  Cost was $10.00
Working Groups of MI 2020
People met together on 3 occasions since the last meeting:  3/14, 3/21 and 3/29. Rather than planning on specific times to work together, we will arrange times & places as needed. Ideas developed during the month will be carried over for approval at the May meeting, since so few people were present.
Properties available to lease for a Fellowship Hall this month
Liz A researched possible sites in Greenbrae/Larkspur, Terra Linda/San Rafael and Corte Madera.
New Business:
aamarin.org posted on area website
Charles suggested we check with Area 06 to see if our website could be posted in their website in order to make Marin info  more available to the enquiring area AA members
A Tribute Page on our website
Charles suggested we create a Tribute page to previous supporters of Marin Intergroup 2020 who have passed on; e.g. Harriet Kirkland, Tom Roughley
District 10 page on the website
Pat asked if it is time to offer District 10 a page on aamarin.org for posting any district business or announcements.  Links to Service Committees could be included.
MI 2020 at Unity Day
We are considering to what extent MI 2020 might appropriately offer information about the proposed Intergroup at Unity Day; e.g. a narrated power-point presentation.
Founding Member Banner
Jennifer shared an idea for a fabric banner to take to groups which would allow them to easily see which groups are already supporting a Marin Intergroup, and also entice Groups to step forward to become involved as Founding Members.
Website Business Cards
Pat shared wonderful business cards, from the East Bay Intergroup, which provide the website address and say only:  “If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop, that’s ours.”
7th Tradition
Previous Balance:  $57.00 Donations:  $10.00 New Balance:  $67.00
Responsibility Statement
I am responsible.  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there.  And for that I am responsible!

Unity Service & Recovery for all AA Members in Marin