Open Letter to Marin Fellowship

Dear Marin Fellowship ~

I was encouraged by Don L.’s kind and thoughtful letter in the October 1st issue of the Buzz.  I have been unhappy about the adversity stemming from Marin’s efforts to form their own Intergroup.  I think it should be a careful and well considered process – subject to debate, yes, but not invective and sabotage.

Remember, our purpose in Alcoholics Anonymous is to stay sober and help the still suffering alcoholic.  Imagine their reaction if they were to encounter warfare in the organization from which they are desperately seeking help with their alcohol problem.

I feel that Intercounty Intergroup (IFB when I first joined A.A.) has fostered us all these years and we can now thank them for their support and move on to independence and autonomy.  All the other Districts in our Area have broken away from the original San Francisco Intergroup and Marin needs to stand by itself now.

We have had a fine example in San Francisco as well as useful models in Sonoma, San Mateo and Contra Costa, among others, of how to serve our fellowship, and we intend to do just that.

Eventually we will establish the office and bookstore that our Marin fellowship has already requested.  A more immediate benefit will be social activities, no better way to bring the county together to share experience, strength, hope and fun.  Marin has always done this in its various cities and towns, and now we want to offer those dances, BBQs and Alcathons to our whole Marin fellowship.

We would like to support our Service Committees. i.e. PI/CPC, BTG, Teleservice and H&I, and we would like to encourage others such as Accessibilities to become active here.  Members have asked for more meetings with childcare, more LGBTQ meetings, and there is no better forum than this Marin website to communicate those needs and look for solutions.

Thank you, Don, for opening the doors to the relationship between us remaining friendly.  We should remain “friendly with our friends”.

In love and service,   Jennifer K.