About Marin Fellowship Intergroup

After 5 years of study and planning, Marin Intergroup 2020 (MI2020) is now Marin Fellowship Intergroup (MFI).  We are now registered with the AA General Service Office (GSO) in New York, and we are also a 501(c)3 non-profit!
Our Mission Statement:

To better serve the still suffering alcoholic, the Marin Fellowship Intergroup Primary Purpose is:

  • To encourage AA fellowship by organizing social & educational events
  • To support AA Groups and Service Committees as requested
  • To provide a Forum for members to discuss AA ideas and concerns

Background:   San Francisco has been the hub for northern California AA since the program began in the Bay Area in 1946. Eight districts originally shared in an Intergroup with the city . Over the years, seven of the original districts broke off to create their own local Intergroups. Marin never had.

January, 2019 – The light at the end of the tunnel:  For the past four years Marin AA members have been talking together about whether it would benefit Marin to have its own Intergroup. It became clear at the last two Unity Days that there is a lot of interest.  So we have begun a gradual transition to Marin taking responsibility for itself.  Marin Intergroup 2020 meets once a month and more and more groups are getting involved. 

Marin Intergroup 2020 would like the transition to be as smooth as possible, in order to best serve the still suffering alcoholic. For example, a Marin group can have both a service commitment as an Intergroup Representative, where the IGR goes to the Inter-county Intergroup meetings – and also have a service commitment for a liaison who attends Marin Intergroup 2020 at the same time.  As time goes on, more groups will be on board – creating the Marin Fellowship Intergroup.

Involvement is growing slowly but surely.  As of this month, seven Marin groups are official members; nineteen others are involved and learning about it at the monthly Marin Intergroup meetings; all six of the Marin Service Committees, and General Service, make announcements about their events and volunteer openings through the Marin AA newsletter; one hundred forty-nine people are on the mailing list; twenty-nine are committed through the Working Group (which meets to plan between monthly meetings).

Non- profit status has been applied for.  No donation is required for membership in MI 2020; however some consistent financial support is helpful in moving forward. The 2019 budget is $2,160.  Some groups commit a percentage of their donations and other donations have come from attendees at the monthly meeting.

Current Focus:

  • To provide a forum for local groups to discuss and support AA in Marin, primarily through building fellowship. For example, additional centrally-located alkathons and workshops
  • will allow AAs from different communities to meet each other. (Right now, we mostly only go to meetings in our home group area.)
  • To provide more opportunities for service; e.g. Liaison to MI 2020 and working on MI 2020 projects
  • To help groups do what would be more difficult alone; e.g. create more meetings with childcare; build an Access Committee; create more LGBTQ meetings; maintain a Marin-oriented Website and Newsletter; etc.
  • A Marin Central Office and local Bookstore are not being planned at this time – that will be up to participating groups to consider in 2020 and beyond.

To become involved and support Marin Intergroup 2020:

  • Attend the monthly meeting the first Monday of each month at 7:00 at the Whistlestop at the intersection of Tamalpais and 3rd street in San Rafael. The doorway to the meeting room is on Tamalpais. Look for the RED balloons! Parking is easily available in the dedicated lot across the street.
  • Ask your group to create the service commitment of Liaison to MI2020.

All are welcome. Get involved making history in Marin!